FlashFirebug gives you the ability to debug any AS3 Flash on the web. Inspect the DisplayList, change properties on the fly and see the warnings, errors and traces directly in the extension. Use the inspector to hone in on elements, transform objects on the fly and use the console to run AS3 commands.

1. What is FlashFirebug?

FlashFirebug (now Flash Debugger) is a Firefox extension that allows you rapidly debug your Flash based applications. You can see error, warning and trace logs directly inside your extension without leaving your browser! You can run AS3 code against any SWF, modify its displayList elements, access its assets, analyse its performance and much more! Please use Flash Debugger and uninstall FlashFirebug if you have it installed. Having both extensions enabled will cause them to both be non-functional.

2. Can't get this extension to work! Help!

1. If you have both FlashFirebug and Flash Debugger extensions installed, please make sure to disable/uninstall FlashFirebug.

2. Make sure machine's time is set correctly. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

3. If you haven't already, install latest Flash Player Debugger (Download the Flash Player content debugger for Firefox - NPAPI), and confirm that it is indeed correctly installed by visiting this URL. Flash Debugger requires Flash Player Debugger and will not work otherwise.

4. This extension uses SWFs extensively. Make sure that the Flash Player Debugger plugin is set to "always activate"

5. If you get nothing at all when you enter your license key (no error dialogs, etc), your flash player debugger is most likely broken. Uninstall then reinstall Flash Player Debugger. Go here To uninstall it for Windows, here to uninstall it for MAC. See previous point for installation instructions.

6. Be aware that the inspector only works with AS3 SWFs. All other features should work regardless of SWF's AS version.

7. Disable all extensions other than Flash Debugger to check weather it's some conflict with another extension. And if so, please report the conflicting extension to us!

9. The extension needs permission to create some files. mm.cfg file in your home folder. If you have permission problems and your browser is unable to create these files your extension will not function correctly.

3. The console doesn't seem to see my classes. What am I doing wrong?

Other than importing your class in the console. Make sure you use your class in your code. Otherwise, the compiler will not include it inside your generated SWF, and trying to use it in the console will fail. The easiest way is to simply type the class name somewhere in your code (even if that code is unreachable at runtime). The compiler will pick it up and include it in the generated SWF. Other than this, please check the D.Eval documentation for details on how to use the console.

4. I'd like to test this before purchasing a license.

When you purchase, you will get 2 days free trial to test it out before any amount is deducted from your paypal account. You are free to cancel your trial anytime before the 2 days are up.

5. I'd like to help with development, I have a great idea, or I've found a bug. What should I do?

Feel free to get in touch with us at any time via the contact link in the site menu. We are always open to suggestions, ideas and any other feedback you may have. Don't be surprised to find the feature you want in the next version of Flash Debugger!

6. I have to keep reactivating my subscription when I restart the browser

Make sure your browser is not set to "Never store history" in the privacy tab under settings.