FlashFirebug (now Flash Debugger) gives you the ability to debug any AS3 Flash on the web. Inspect the DisplayList, change properties on the fly and see the warnings, errors and traces directly in the extension. Use the inspector to hone in on elements, transform objects on the fly and use the console to run AS3 commands.

What is FlashFirebug Pro

FlashFirebug Pro is the paid version of FlashFirebug. With FlashFirebug Pro, you will be able to access the console feature which allows you to run any AS3 code inside the active SWF. Everything aside from the console is accessible in the free version of FlashFirebug and will continue to be maintained. Future features will either be released under the free version or the Pro version as deemed appropriate by the extension developers.


Why Pro?

This extension began as a hobby and suddenly turned into the most downloaded Flash debugging extension for FireFox. We got tons of bugs and feature requests for it. After trying hard to get sponsorship in vain, we had the choice of either abandoning the project or opting for a freemium model which we decided to take. Here is what you get by upgrading to Pro:

  1. You support the ongoing development of FlashFirebug.
  2. You will get all future features released under FlashFirebug Pro via this one time payment.
  3. You will get the extension at the cost of $35. We may change the cost in the future so this is your chance to get it at this great price.


How to get FlashFirebug Pro

You can upgrade to FlashFirebug Pro by going here and purchasing a key: