FlashFirebug (now Flash Debugger) gives you the ability to debug any AS3 Flash on the web. Inspect the DisplayList, change properties on the fly and see the warnings, errors and traces directly in the extension. Use the inspector to hone in on elements, transform objects on the fly and use the console to run AS3 commands.

We would like to introduce Flash Debugger, the successor of FlashFirebug.

Flash Debugger is built on top of FireFox native DevTools and no longer requires Firebug. We should also point out that it's incompatible with FlashFirebug (one of them needs to be disabled/uninstalled).

Please try it out with your existing keys and let us know if you face any problems.

You can continue using FlashFirebug until Firebug's sunset and the introduction of e10s.

We appreciate your continued support for FlashFirebug / Flash Debugger and wish you happy flash coding :)

Download Flash Debugger